Client Approach:

For almost a decade, Ellis has handled a diverse array of legal issues,  serving as a corporate counsel, a federal prosecutor and as a General Counsel and Deputy Secretary of the NC Department of Public Safety, the State’s largest agency. Most recently, he decided to strike out on his own to serve the needs of his clients who are mostly individuals and small to medium-sized business. In just a short time, Ellis has had the opportunity to represent a variety of clients in an assortment of matters including employment issues, personal injury, contract claims, and real property disputes. 

The common thread among these clients has been that Ellis always seeks the most effective and efficient method to serve his client. Though Ellis feels comfortable in a courtroom, he does not always recommend that every issue go to court. In fact, Ellis will take the steps necessary to avoid that process, just as a good doctor does not immediately jump into surgery without first trying less invasive treatment. Ellis works to find out what his client's goals are and how to achieve them, preferably without the expense of going to court.


Of course, sometimes the only path available to resolve an issue is going to court, and Ellis’ extensive experience in the courtroom makes him a good option for his clients. He has tried 20 cases in federal and state courts in his time at Womble Carlyle and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Ellis has also often appeared in court for motions and oral arguments. He also successfully argued a case at the Fourth Circuit in Richmond while at the U.S. Attorney’s Office.